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Welcome to the world where curiosity and discovery intertwine.


I'm Jenna, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Santa Cruz Mountain Reiki. I am a multi-passionate creative with a deep devotion to the soul's journey.


With 6 years of experience professionally holding space for individuals on their healing journey, I take a uniquely intuitive approach that fosters gently activating experiences for my clients so they can create a life they are irrevocably in love with living (yes, this experience extends to our beloved animal companions).

Dear Reader,

The truth is for most of my life I struggled with feeling anxious, self-conscious, and directionless.


After months of working with doctors and no diagnosis for what I now know were panic attacks, I turned to meditation and the start of a new life unfolded before me.


That was eight years ago. Now, the tools and practices that I teach and serve with are the same ones that brought me home to myself; igniting inner peace, defining a clear path to purpose, and a wealth of prosperity on my ever-unfolding healing journey.

I am living, breathing proof that these healing modalities can drastically change a life for the better, and I know they can for you too.




Sensuous Wisdom™ Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Tarot Reading, Astrology Mentee

Denise Elizabeth Byron

Certified as a Sensuous Wisdom™ Feminine Embodiment teacher which connects individuals to the womb space to increase their intuitive awareness and heal from divine feminine wounding. Tarot reading since 2018 and 10 HR Stress Coaching Certificate through Udemy.


Meditation and Mindfullness Teacher

Mandy Trapp, Anchor Meditation

Included trauma-informed techniques for taking individuals and groups through meditation, the history of meditation as a practice, and the scientific study of meditation and mindfullness.


Reiki 1, 2, and Master Teacher 
Kristen Podulka, Palo Alto Reiki

All degrees of Reiki 1-Master Teacher included 2 years of study, over 20 hours of practice training, Reiki study, and three attunements to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

Other Professional Development

Stress Coaching, Retreat Leadership, 

10 HR Stress Coaching Certificate through Udemy. Holding safe enough group spaces, and facilitating group activities for individuals to share, connect, and heal emotionally.



Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal (rei) life force energy (ki). Receiving Reiki can gently release stress, tension, and restore the body to its natural healing cycle. This process bringing not just the body, but the mind and spirit into harmony as well. Thus creating an experience of feeling lighter, focused, and refreshed.  



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"Had the most amazing session with Jenna at Santa Cruz Mountain Reiki.
She is literally magic. Like she can bend time and bring in the specific healing vibrations that bring clarity and restores the mind, body, and spirit to a level at which you are ready!
Absolutely amazing, I cannot speak enough about her talents and just who she is as a person. I have had MANY Reiki & energy healing sessions and hers IS my favorite!"



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